Bulletproof VPS

Bulletproof Virtual Server (VPS/VDS) is part of the physical server. At the same time it shares resources with other tenants of the same VPS, but supports its own autonomous and independent functioning. Dividing of a physical server into separate VPSs allows each of them work for the client as if it were his own computer, with its own hard drive, RAM and a given data rate. Since the physical computer is shared with other clients, Bulletproof VPS is cheaper than a dedicated server and is suitable for projects with low traffic or projects under development. On all servers, we have KVM virtualization, which ensures that your resources will be used only by you.


We have great experience in providing bulletproof services and our equipment placed in offshore data centers, which ensures your anonymity and allows you to place almost any project.

Different locations of our Bulletproof VPS have their own characteristics. Russia, Ukraine and Moldova are suitable for traffic from the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is often preferable if there is at least a small chance of problems with the authorities laws in Europe or the USA. Ideal for copyright, pharmacy projects,forums and other projects.

The UK has a good integration of network infrastructure - both with Europe and the United States. Suitable for copyright infringement projects, dmca projects, etc. Malaysia is preferred for most problematic projects. Good Bulletproof VPS here is a major advantage.

The Netherlands is in demand among Russian companies for working with documents, reports, accounting and databases outside of Russian jurisdiction. Good ping from USA, EU, CIS. Free placement of projects on many topics prohibited in the Russian Federation. Also suitable for adult, casino, cannabis products.

What is important to consider

Before getting Bulletproof VPS user must first calculate their resource requirements. Not only at the moment, but also in several months, taking into account the likely scaling of projects located on VPS. Our support can help you with this. Tell us the information about your project and our professionals will select for you the ideal location for the Bulletproof VPS and the amount of resources needed. We will choose the location with the best ping for your business and protection against necessary complaints. The stable operation of the site and the quick response of the site to users will improve SEO positioning.

Bulletproof Virtual Server is capable of running on several operating systems, so it is important to determine which software will be used. If Microsoft applications are prioritized, choose Windows; but if free technology and open source are preferable, then Linux would be a better option.

Bulletproof VPS is recommended for sites whose daily visits range between 1,000 and 10,000 unique users. In addition, Bulletproof VPS is in demand not only for online businesses, but also for enterprises for hosting databases, CRM, control and accounting systems. It allows you to reduce operating costs due to the fact that its price is cheaper than a dedicated server.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulletproof VPS

  • Ignoring complaints.
  • Complete Anonymity and Security.
  • Full Root and SSH access gives you the right to configure the software and manage the server with administrator rights.
  • Guaranteed RAM and processor resources, regardless of how many “neighbors” occupy the same physical server.
  • Own ports and IP addresses.
  • Performance applies both to the system and to sites hosted on it.
  • Complete absence of restrictions on the number of sites hosted on the disk. The same goes for FTP connections and databases.

At the operational level it depends solely on itself, which leads to increased reliability and security. The main disadvantage of Bulletproof VPS is the higher price tag compared to regular VPS. What is more important some clients are not ready to manage the server due to the administration's complexity for a beginner.