Protected VPS in Ukraine

Have you ever been kicked from regular hosting? No worries we will not stop your account.

Available in all plans:

  • Cpanel, ISPmanager, VestaCP
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Individual approach
  • No contract
  • Full root access
  • KVM virtualization
Estimate delivery time 2-48 hours
from $ 80 /mo
Prohibited: phishing, carding, spam, scanning, brute, malware, Spamhaus.
  • CPU
    1 core
  • DISK
    100 mbit/s unlimited
  • RAM
  • OS

Ukraine VPS

Our bulletproof VPS can be perfect for starting your business. Since for a small price you get fast VPS using ssd disks and loyal attitude towards complaints of various subjects of sites. If you have problems with legislation in the EU or Russia, Ukraine server is a great decision for this project. We place our equipment in a secure data center, with 1Gbit/s connection and excellent ping from both EU and Russia. Bulletproof VPS in Ukraine is forbidden to use for projects that violate the laws of the country. Most other projects can be hosted in this location. Buying our bulletproof VPS in Ukraine, you will receive a quick response from the site for your customers, privacy and protection from crashing the site on another complaint.

Complete Anonymity

No logs or contracts. We do not need to know who you are. Only email for registration.

Truly Offshore

Offshore location protected from any invasion unlike regular servers.

Care about your websites

We will find a place even for the most problematic projects and services.
How long does it take to install a bulletproof server?
  • VPS is installed within 30-60 minutes. The installation of a dedicated server depends on the location and configuration and can reach from 1 to 5 days.

In what locations can I order a server?
  • You can order a server in the following locations: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Netherlands, UK, Malaysia, Romania

Which location is more bulletproof?
  • Each project must be approached individually. There are projects that are prohibited in one location, but allowed in another.

    If you have a doubt please contact live chat our specialists will help you.

Is it possible to increase the resources of my bulletproof server in the future?
  • Of course, upon request you can increase the necessary resources of your VPS. Changes will take effect within a few minutes.