Bulletproof Dedicated Server

Bulletproof Dedicated Server is a physical computer that provides all its resources to satisfy client requests. The tenant does not have “neighbors”, and you don’t have to share RAM, processor, operating system, hard disk, etc. with anyone.

We host our servers in reliable secure offshore locations, which ensures security and high response speed for your business. Problematic content is allowed on our bulletproof servers, we ignore most complaints and at the same time provide servers with good configurations, a wide channel and basic protection against DDOS.

Features of the location of bulletproof servers in different locations:

  • Ukraine - for traffic from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe. Most of the content is allowed to be posted, including projects complained of by Roskomnadzor.
  • Russia - for Russian traffic or as an offshore location for Asia. Benefits include instant ping and complaint loyalty. Disadvantages - the activities of Roskomnadzor.
  • Moldova - traffic goes mainly through Romania. This option is interesting for its ability to bypass locks and host dmca projects.
  • Great Britain - optimal for international projects when traffic from the USA and the EU is equally important. Suitable for copyright infringing projects and copyrighted projects.
  • Malaysia - servers have increased bulk resistance. But it is important to understand that the speed inside the country and outside of Asia are very different.
  • The Netherlands - liberal legislation, direct routing, good ping from both Europe and the USA. Great for adult, cannabis, casino, pharmacy projects, hype projects etc.

What you should pay attention to:

Bulletproof Dedicated server is designed to host sites with high traffic or load in the form of heavy scripts. It can be used as a database server, mail or game, for entertainment, work or science. It is considered wasteful to order it to maintain a small personal blog or business card site.

  • If you decide to buy or rent a dedicated server, the user must take into account that he can be immediately configure according to his needs, since preparing and issuing a server takes some time
  • Bulletproof server should have good performance, which will depend on the installed equipment.
  • Some of our servers are equipped with security applications such as DDoS protection or a special firewall to guarantee the protection of your business.

We carry out server setup and on your request also provide basic administration. There is also a paid administration option for a dedicated server. In this case, we will be responsible for the organization and maintenance of your bulletproof server system. You will not be disturbed by system structuring, support, load monitoring, services and other tasks.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulletproof Server

The most noticeable advantage of a dedicated server is that despite the fact you get anonymously on the Internet and get protection from various complaints, you can also use all the resources of the machine, which will allow you to place problem projects with a lot of traffic and not be afraid that your site will be paused.

The main disadvantage of the Bulletproof Server is its price, which is much higher than the price of ordinary dedicated servers.