Protected Servers in Russia

  • for those who don't want their account to get blocked
  • for those who wish to host their data outside of their own country
  • for those who do not want their data or identity shared with third parties
  • for those who want to express themselves through freedom of speech


Processor Price Order Now
Intel Xeon E5620 from 220$/mo Configure
Intel Xeon E3-1230 from 320$/mo Configure
Intel Xeon E5-2620 from 420$/mo Configure
2 × Intel Xeon E5-2620 from 620$/mo Configure
Prohibited: phishing, carding, spam, scanning, brute, malware, Spamhaus.

Bulletproof dedicated server in Russia

Our bulletproof dedicated servers in Russia will be an excellent choice for your projects. Our servers are located in a high-tech data center with a server connecting to a network of 100 Mbps and the ability to increase speed up to 1Gbit/s. Upon request, we can quickly connect IPMI to work with the server. Most complaints in this location will be ignored. If you have a project that violates the laws of the United States, European countries or other countries, our servers in Russia are good solution for hosting such sites. The only thing you need is carefully consider complaints from Roskomnadzor, since these complaints must be quickly responded to or transferred to our other location, where it is Roskomnadzor has no influence on sites. Bulletproof servers in Russia provide you with high performance and stability, we also guarantee complete anonymity, your logs will not be transferred to third parties or law enforcement authorities.

Complete Anonymity

No logs or contracts. We do not need to know who you are. Only email for registration.

Truly Offshore

Offshore location protected from any invasion unlike regular servers.

Care about your websites

We will find a place even for the most problematic projects and services.
How long does it take to install a bulletproof server?
  • VPS is installed within 30-60 minutes. The installation of a dedicated server depends on the location and configuration and can reach from 1 to 5 days.

In what locations can I order a server?
  • You can order a server in the following locations: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Netherlands, UK, Malaysia, Romania

Which location is more bulletproof?
  • Each project must be approached individually. There are projects that are prohibited in one location, but allowed in another.

    If you have a doubt please contact live chat our specialists will help you.

Is it possible to increase the resources of my bulletproof server in the future?
  • Of course, upon request you can increase the necessary resources of your VPS. Changes will take effect within a few minutes.