What is bulletproof registrar?

Comparison of a conventional domain registrar and a bulletproof registrar

A domain name registrar is an organization accredited by root domain owners to create new domain names and extend the validity period of previously created domains.

Root domains are indicated by letters following the dot at the end of the website address. The most common - *.com, *.net, *.biz, *.org is the property of ICANN.

Holders of root domains that indicate belonging to a particular region usually interact with relevant government organizations.

After registration, the domain registrar gains access to the list of all root domains of the company-owner. From this moment, he can register the creation of a new domain or renew the existing one by 1 year.

The difference between a bulletproof domain registrar and a regular one

Modern realities require the owners of Internet resources more than just filling content and promotion in search engines. To get the most out of site visitors, entrepreneurs resort to aggressive marketing (spam, hype, compulsive catch-up advertising, etc.). For such behavior, it is easy to earn a complaint from a visitor to a web resource.

Also, copyright law defines strict restrictions on the use of other people's content.

Any site can receive a complaint for:

  • fraud or fraud;
  • copyright infringement;
  • extremist content;
  • insult to the senses.

Of course, not all complaints are valid. Some of them are slender, commissioned by competitors. Others can be challenged by spending a lot of time and effort.

However, domain name registrars, as well as hosters, are required to respond to each complaint and block the attacker, requiring the site owners to deal with each application.

It is especially worth thinking about finding a registrar that ignores complaints when planning work using fraud, money divorce, pyramid schemes, and promises of quick money. Such activity causes a considerable flow of applications from dissatisfied visitors to this site.

To save yourself from unnecessary red tape, the owner of the Internet resource can register a domain name with a bulletproof registrar. In this case, the registrar does not block the site on the first complaint about it.

How to find a bulletproof registar

First, you need to find a site with a similar theme, and secondly, see whom it is registered with using the whois services. Moreover, thirdly, turn to him for the selection of a name for your web resource.

Keep in mind that an angry user writes not only to the registrar, but also to the contacts listed on the site, to the hosting provider, and Google.

Functional bulletproof domains provide registrars from Asian countries such as China and Malaysia. When negotiating with Asian registrars, they can ignore most complaints. In this way, it is possible to register bulletproof domains.

For extra money, some registrars may hide the personal contact information of the site owner. However, nevertheless, they have to inform the site owner of the complaints received with the requirement to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. It is necessary to clarify the nuances of interaction before starting cooperation.

Finding a company that has enough influence to be able to resist the system is not easy. In any case, the registrar is also at risk by entering into cooperation with an unreliable site. It’s best to search for a ready-made list of suppliers with their ratings and choose according to your preferences.


Thinking about creating your online project, you should clearly understand all the specifics of the upcoming work. If the planned activity does not imply a wave of negativity towards the owner, you can cooperate with a conventional domain registrar. If a stream of complaints is foreseen, it is better to ensure a quiet life for yourself by contacting a bulletproof registrar.